Legal Services

We offer comprehensive legal support in the framework of corporate, employment, tax and migration legislation.

Our legal services include:

  • Registration, liquidation or change of information on legal entities (founder, name, charter and legal address);
  • Order and design of seals, stamps and forms of strict reporting;
  • Assistance in corporate governance for foreign citizens;
  • Legal consulting.

Other services

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Our independent consultants will assess the economic situation of your enterprise, analyze financial policy and present an effective action plan to improve business processes.


Outsourcing of accounting services allows entrepreneurs to focus on business and improve processes. Besides, companies get the opportunity to minimize financial risks and, most importantly, reduce costs.


A financial audit is an independent examination of a company's financial records. During the procedure, the auditor analyzes the validity of all transactions and the authenticity of the information contained in the reporting documents.

Personnel Accounting

Outsourcing of personnel accounting is a service that stimulates the growth of business and allows entrepreneurs to reduce costs to a minimum, and production - to a maximum.